Pong Online

Pong is a computer game, a ping-pong simulator. Pong game was developed by Japanese company Taito Corporation and released by Atari company on November 29-th, 1972.

Pong original is the first videogame that gained popularity on arcade system boards and on consoles. Similar game was included in firmware of some TV sets of 1980-s.

The game served as a source of inspiration for Atari to create Breakout (1976) and for Taito to create Arkanoid (1986), which became the mother of the whole genre.

Pong online is a simple table tennis simulator. A small square, replacing a ping-pong ball, moves across the screen by linear trajectory. If it hits the perimeter of game area or one of drawn rackets, its trajectory changes according to the strike angle. The gameplay consists in moving the rackets vertically in order to defend your goal. The player gets a point if he manages to send the ball behind the opponent's racket. You can play Pong as a single player against the computer or with your pal in 2 players mode, where each player controls his own racket.

You can play Pong classic directly on this page.

Press 1 to start the game. Then use Q and A to play Pong Online.

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