Pong NES

It's hard to believe but the foundation of gaming industry is formed by a single game with incredible simple gameplay. It's name is just like the sound with which a tennis ball bouncess off a table or a player's racket.

The success of Pong game is a programmed accident. But for the attempt of Ralph Bayer to create TV videogames market with his creation of Madnavox Odyssey, but for the disaster of ambitious arcade Computer Space, a simple game Pong could never be born. But brilliance, persistance, adventurism and luck got mixed together in proper parts - created with primitive resources Atari company made its major game.

Pong ROM mostly owes its success to a brilliant engineer Alan Elcorn, who left Ampex company to join ambitious Atari project. Gameplay of Pong was less complicated than that of its predecessor - Computer Space. And this very simplicity served the reason for the popularity of Atari Pong and leading position on a game market for several years.

You can play Pong PCmain page. Here you may play a Java version.

Enter to start the game. Then use arrows, Z and X to play Pong Game NES.

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